How it works in Ireland

Across our Irish operations, we put into practice the principles behind the four priority areas of our corporate responsibility commitments.

Access to health

At MSD, we recognise that ensuring access to health requires broad and comprehensive effort, and we are committed to working closely with our partners to ensure we meet our objectives.

Preventable blindness

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in Ireland. It's often known as the silent eye disease because those affected often have no early symptoms or pain.
Now, through funding from MSD, the clinical nurse specialist at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin can dedicate one day a week to run a glaucoma clinic there. This means those with glaucoma are more likely to be diagnosed early and saved from suffering irreversible damage.

Sexual health awareness

There is more to college than study and exams. Support from MSD enabled the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) develop and deliver safe sex information packs to 45,000 students across 25 college campuses across Ireland.

Health literacy

Health literacy is the degree to which people access and understand basic health information and use it to help them make health-related decisions for themselves and their families.
Research has shown that two in five people in Ireland have inadequate or problematic health literacy. This can really affect their wellbeing and health. For example, they may not adhere strictly to the treatment plan or medication regime prescribed by their doctor, because they don’t understand it fully.

We believe this situation can see significant improvement if health literacy is prioritised in the education of all healthcare professionals, including GPs, nurses and pharmacists.

MSD is engaged in an innovative collaboration with UCC and the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) to develop Ireland’s first ever health literacy training programme for healthcare practitioners through pharmacies and GP practices This initiative will focus on embedding health literacy and clearer communication with patients to support them in making decisions in frontline healthcare settings.

This is the latest step in our partnership with the National Adult Literacy Agency NALA, which has run since 2007 and has made extensive progress in raising awareness of health literacy in Ireland.

Neighbour of choice

We value our relationships with the urban and rural communities in which we operate in Ireland.
Through our global Neighbour of Choice Programme, MSD has given funding and other supports to an ambitious and varied programme of initiatives that address the needs of these local communities.
These have included:

  • Encouraging kids in Carlow to adopt healthier lifestyles
  • Supporting a community enhancement programme in Wicklow
  • Helping children with special needs in Cork
  • Developing dedicated facilities for Tipperary’s Scouts
  • Providing care for critically ill children in Dublin

Environmental sustainability

Environmental protection and sustainability are a key part of our corporate business objectives in Ireland. We have made commitments under four headings - air, energy, waste and water - and work hard to meet those.

For each of them, we aim to operate our facilities in line with international best practice in our own company and the pharmaceutical sector. We invest in new technologies to achieve the highest possible standards and to reduce and, if possible, eliminate any wasteful and environmentally harmful practices.

We are committed to reducing carbon emissions associated with the manufacture of our medicines by 10% by 2015, and have already achieved a 9% reduction at our Irish sites. To achieve this, our team of full-time energy managers helps to drive best practice energy management and sustainability initiatives among our 2,200 employees nationwide.


The talent, diversity and integrity of our people drive our success, and we recognise the challenge of balancing professional achievement and personal wellbeing.

Our culture values inclusion and encourages engagement. We work hard to help our employees succeed at work, improve their health and get involved in the communities where they live.

Contributing to our local communities is central to what we do. Across all our sites in Ireland, we have relationships with and support local community groups and projects that:

  • Enhance our environment
  • Support education
  • Contribute to the local business community.

Ethics and transparency

Ethics and transparency are the cornerstones of our corporate reputation. MSD aspires to be open and transparent about how we operate to earn and retain the trust and confidence of everyone we deal with.

Creating ethics ambassadors

We strive to ensure that each of our employees understands the importance of ethics and transparency, and require them to complete annual compliance and ethics training. They also have access to a dedicated Office of Ethics and advice line.

Developing meaningful partnerships

At MSD in Ireland, we believe that developing and maintaining positive engagement with our employees, partners, suppliers and the local communities is key to our success. By engaging with them, as well as the wider healthcare community, we can respond to patients’ needs as effectively as possible.

Committed to transparency

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of everything that we do at MSD. In line with our pledge to operate at the highest industry standards, we regularly open the doors of our eight sites to regulatory bodies and Government officials, so that they can see first-hand where we work and what we do.

We are dedicated to affecting positive change within the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. We work on transparency and regulatory issues with several industry and regulatory associations.
We are also an active member of Business in the Community - Ireland’s only dedicated network supporting responsible and sustainable business.

MSD Ireland Healthcare Grants programme

At MSD, we believe that supporting organisations through grants and charitable contributions is a responsible and important way for us to help address global health challenges.

We work with Irish charities, academic centres and non-profit organisations to improve access to healthcare. Our current areas of focus include:

  • Research partnerships
  • Medical grants
  • Supporting patient access programmes
  • Supporting patient groups in their advocacy, policy and awareness work.

We offer support through different grant and charitable contribution programs, each of which has its own focus and application process.

Learn more about our MSD Ireland Healthcare Grants Programme here.

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