Our history

About Us

We've done great things in the past. Today, we're doing great things for the future.

We are a leader in healthcare, dedicated to helping the world be well through a wide range of innovative health solutions.

MSD has a long and rich history of working to improve people's health and wellbeing. Through the years, our researchers have helped to find new ways to treat and prevent illness - from the discovery of vitamin B1, to the first measles vaccine, to cold remedies and antacids, to the first statins to treat high cholesterol.

Our scientists also have helped develop many products to improve animal health, including vaccines and antibiotics.

We are proud of our past and are excited to help create a healthier, brighter future for people around the world. Our commitment to research and to increasing access to healthcare across the world is shown by clearly focused policies, far-reaching programmes and life-enhancing partnerships.

A global organisation

Our business is known as MSD worldwide, and as Merck & Co., Inc. in the United States and Canada.

We are the world's second-largest pharmaceutical company, following our merger with Schering-Plough in 2009, and we have operations in more than 140 countries.

Committed to Ireland

Many of our leading global products are made or packaged in Ireland and we are a proud member of Guaranteed Irish.

Our extensive operations in Ireland include manufacturing facilities and offices across four counties. We employ over 1,800 people in Ireland and support a further 9,000 indirect jobs through our operations across the country .

In the past five decades, MSD has invested more than €2.2bn in Ireland and contributes significantly towards making the pharmaceutical industry the country's leading export sector.

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