Life at MSD


At MSD, we are committed to saving and improving lives. We are inspired by this shared mission and strive to achieve it every day.

Working toward this goal gives our employees unmatched experience that is fulfilling on both a professional and a personal level.

Our workplace culture

We excel as a company because of our people. It's as simple as that. Their integrity, knowledge and creativity drive us forward, helping us stay innovative and highly competitive.

As a first-class local and global employer, we go to great lengths to create a culture of mutual respect, recognition and collaboration. Our employees work in a challenging, rewarding and positive environment, where personal and professional development is actively encouraged.

We promote work/life flexibility and understand the importance of commitments our employees may have outside work.

At MSD, we also have a strong culture of corporate social responsibility and participate actively in the communities in which we are located.

Benefits and rewards

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