At MSD, we believe that providing support to organisations through grants and charitable contributions are two of the most responsible and important ways that we can help to address global health challenges.

As a global healthcare leader, it is important for us to develop strong relationships with our customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders. We have strong corporate policies and safeguards in place and are extremely proud of our long history of abiding by and promoting high ethical standards.

We work with a number of Irish charities, academic centres and non-profit organisations to improve access to healthcare. Our current areas of focus include research partnerships, medical grants, support patient access programmes and support for patient groups in their advocacy, policy and awareness work.

We offer support through a variety of grant and charitable contribution programmes, each of which has its own focus and application process.


MSD Ireland Healthcare Grants Programme

Ongoing education for healthcare professionals is vital. The MSD Healthcare Grants Programme provides support to Irish healthcare organisations that wish to implement healthcare quality improvement initiatives and other activities aimed at improving and enhancing the delivery of patient care.

We also make grants to organisations that provide independent, professional education initiatives for physicians, including accredited continuing medical education (CME). MSD has no influence over the content of these courses. For further information on the criteria for these grants and to apply please click here.

MSD International Grants

Contributing to our local communities is central to what we do. Without the input and support of the communities in which we operate, we wouldn't have grown to become one of the largest, most successful global healthcare companies and employers in the world. Across all our sites in Ireland we support local community groups and projects that enhance our environment, support education and contribute to the local business community. For further information on these grants please click here.