Volunteering at MSD

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Hands up for volunteering

When MSD launched Volunteer Month, it was all hands on deck…

Whether it was brandishing paintbrushes, donning teachers' hats, or clicking computer mouses, every site took part in volunteering month which represented the largest single contribution of time, skills and resources by MSD's Irish employees to local causes since the company established itself in Ireland over five decades ago.

Over the past two years alone MSD has contributed more than €4 million to support causes. Earlier this year the company received recognition for this contribution when Business in the Community – the leading organisation on corporate responsibility in Ireland –ranked MSD second in a list of corporate contributors to community groups and organisations during 2013.

Supporting our local communities has always been important at MSD. From company sponsorship to grant donation giving, we have taken great pride and enjoyment from being involved in the communities in which we work. Dedicating an entire month to volunteering gave everyone the chance to give back.